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Aviator Game differs from classic slots with enhanced control options. This unique machine allows gamblers to determine the timing of exiting the round, which affects the potential winnings. Waiting too long is risky, as the session may end at any moment, resulting in the loss of the bet.

This feature of the device allows it to be adapted to various strategies and tactics. They are associated with the calculation of statistical data, analysis of coefficients, and bet sizes. In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the most in-demand options and shed light on a number of other important issues.

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How and Why to Play Aviator by Strategy

Playing Aviator by strategy is necessary to minimize losses and increase the chances of profit. Chaotic actions end in failure. The player quickly drains the existing deposit and does not enjoy the scheme. However, using tactics increases the likelihood of earning.

game aviator strategy
To play by strategy for money, the gambler needs to perform a series of simple actions. The player needs to:

  1. Register at the casino and top up the balance.
  2. Launch the main version of Aviator.
  3. Place a bet according to the conditions of the strategy.
  4. Wait for the round to start.
  5. Claim the winnings that correspond to the scheme’s conditions.
  6. Place a new bet in accordance with the rules of the tactic.

It all looks quite simple, but in reality, there are plenty of pitfalls. Part of the problem lies in the inadequacy of the chosen scheme, and sometimes difficulties arise from the psychology of the player. Five or six consecutive losses drive a person into depression, they start to play back, increase the sizes of bets, or try to wait for higher odds. This leads to additional problems.

Common Strategies in Aviator Game

Aviator game is great because here you choose both the bet size and the coefficient at which you want to end the game. Therefore, the slot is suitable for various tactics. Some bettors have their own betting strategies. Let’s look at the main options and discuss their pros and cons.

aviator game strategy

Low Coefficients

There are cases when the plane reached a multiplier of x90 and even higher. However, such winnings are rare. Simple logic suggests that the lower the coefficient, the higher the probability of its occurrence. For example, Aviator more often yields x1.10 than x5.00.

This logic has become the basis of a tactic popular among newcomers. People make fixed bets on each round and collect winnings when the plane reaches small multipliers. You just need to set the bet size in advance and determine an acceptable coefficient at which you should exit the round.

waiting for the aviator slot round

It all looks simple, but now let’s talk about the problems. The lower the multiplier when the gambler cashes out, the more wins they need to achieve to come out ahead in the long run. For example, for a breakeven game at x1.10, you need to win in 90% of the rounds. In reality, achieving these figures is very difficult. Only a few can accomplish this, so many players quickly abandon this scheme and start looking for other options.

Martingale Strategy

One of the most popular tactics in casinos is the Martingale strategy. Some users also call this scheme a doubling system. This tactic involves doubling the bet size in case of a loss. At the same time, winnings should be collected at a multiplier of x2.00. The gambler should follow the following algorithm:

  1. Set the bet size.
  2. Wait for the round to start.
  3. Collect the winnings at x2.00.
  4. Double the bet size in case of a loss.
  5. Collect the prize when the plane reaches x2.00.

Doubling should be done until a winning round. One successful game will cover previous losses and result in a net gain. The size of the win equals the initial bet. To reduce the risk of loss due to human error, set the automatic withdrawal at x2.0.

aviator strategy

The tactic looks almost perfect, but it has its own drawbacks. The main problem is the increased risk for the gambler. The player can quickly hit the upper limit, resulting in having to accept the losses. In case of a loss, the cost of investments rises. Let’s provide a calculation example for 5 iterations with an initial bet of $10.

Round Number Bet Amount Lost in Case of Loss
1 10 10
2 20 30
3 40 70
4 80 150
5 160 310

The only way to avoid these problems is to play with the minimum bet and not even think about attempting to scale the tactic. However, in this case, the overall bank will grow at a slow pace.


This is another progressive bankroll distribution model. However, it operates on a different principle. Many gamblers have noticed that the slot machine often produces series of odds of 2.0 and above. For example, the plane can fly under the radar two to five times at lower odds, and then show a series with odds greater than two.

aviator how to play

This feature of the game became the main point of the mentioned scheme. To use it, you need to:

  1. Set the bet size and wait for the round to start.
  2. Collect the winnings when the plane reaches x2.00.
  3. Double the bet size.
  4. Withdraw the profit when the aircraft reaches the desired level.

In case of a loss in the first stage, the player needs to maintain the current bet size. It is not advisable to increase the bet and risk additional funds in this case.

aviator how to play aviator game

The most dangerous situation for the game will be the alternation of odds up to 2.00 and higher. In this case, the player may show an extremely negative end result. However, the real probability of such an outcome occurring is minuscule.

Maximum Multiplier Expectation

The presented scheme is based on the ability of the Aviator game to periodically delight gamblers with high coefficients. Often, quotes exceed 7 points and above. In this case, one successful bet is enough to obtain significant profits.

This scheme can be used thanks to the extended functionality of the Aviator crash game. The slot offers clients to familiarize themselves with the results of several dozen recent rounds. You just need to calculate the regularity with which more profitable sessions occur. After that, the player only needs to place a bet, wait for the desired coefficient, and collect the profit.

player bets in aviator

The model looks attractive, but it is not without its drawbacks. First of all, one should not forget about the random nature of the results. Calculations of regularities in the Aviator game are conditional. The slot operates based on a special cryptographic algorithm Provably Fair, so it can produce any coefficients.

Also, one should not forget about the problem of subjective assessment. Each player will have to determine the maximum coefficient independently. Some gamblers will be quite satisfied with a level of 3-5 points, as a result of which they will win more often using this tactic. Others need quotes at the level of 8-10. Therefore, the specified scheme may not yield the desired results.

Betting with Insurance

This Aviator strategy is popular among streamers. The scheme involves placing bets in two blocks:

  1. In the first section, the player bets on a cashout at odds of 1.50.
  2. In the second block, the gambler sets an automatic cashout at odds x2.00.
  3. The player waits for the round to start and, in the event of a successful outcome, collects the maximum profit.

The problems with the chosen gaming system are evident. The main drawback is the high losses if the plane crashes before odds of 1.50. In this case, the gambler will lose two bets at once.

betting strategy in aviator

Some users combine this strategy with the Martingale scheme and increase bet sizes after losses. This approach is possible, but to implement the system, the initial bankroll needs to be increased. The deposit must withstand significant drawdowns.

Is a 100% Strategy Possible?

Above, we have shown the most popular tactics for playing Aviator, talked about their pros and cons. As seen from the text, even the most in-demand schemes among users have certain drawbacks. Therefore, it is worth debunking the popular myth right away — there is no model of play that guarantees results in the long run. You can come out ahead or lose with any of the mentioned tactics. It’s better to combine options: if one scheme doesn’t yield satisfactory results, try another.

strategy for playing aviator slot

We do not recommend believing in stories about a 100% strategy in Aviator. Usually, such gimmicks are used by scammers who try to profit from gullible users. This game uses RNG, so it’s impossible to predict the odds in advance.

Is it Possible to Hack the Aviator Game?

On the internet, there are many offers for distributing hacks for the game Aviator. Allegedly, the owners know the round results in advance and give advice on when to place a bet. This is how scammers operate. If bets based on their signals do win, it’s purely by chance. In the long run, gamblers end up at a loss.

aviator game strategy

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How to Choose a Strategy for Playing Aviator?

You can use any of the listed strategies or come up with your own. The choice of tactics largely depends on the size of the bankroll, the player's temperament, and the level of risk readiness. It's better to periodically change schemes, as a profitable tactic today may yield unsatisfactory results tomorrow.

Where to Find a Working Strategy for the Aviator Slot?

You can find working strategies on our website. We offer various schemes that can be adapted by many players.

Is Playing by Strategy Deceptive?

No, gamblers can use any Aviator strategies. Bets according to a player-devised algorithm are not deceptive.

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