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Crash game Aviator is compatible with various devices. You can earn on an airplane through computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The manufacturer has made the device using HTML5 technology, allowing the game to be used on different gadgets. And you won't have to download additional plugins to run the software.

The program automatically determines the device screen and adjusts to its dimensions. Therefore, customers get a convenient familiar interface without significant changes. There will be some minor differences between the mobile version of Aviator and the desktop one, however, they are not critical and will not affect the gameplay.

When adapting the game for smartphones and tablets, the differences are only in appearance. The RTP of the simulator and other important indicators remain unchanged.

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Where to download Aviator

First of all, it should be noted that the studio Spribe did not release a separate application for this exciting game. You can download the casino software and install it on your own phone. It’s done in just a few minutes. However, we recommend downloading the program from trusted sources. Our site has become a partner of many popular online casinos, so you can download the installation file directly from this page. You just need to click the download button and confirm the action. We check the software for viruses and threats, which eliminates the risk of infecting your device.

download aviator on phone

How to download Aviator on your phone

Downloading Aviator to your phone is done by downloading the casino software that includes this unique crash game. The mechanism of action is quite simple:

  1. Click on the download button.
  2. Allow the software to be downloaded.
  3. Wait for the action to finish.

However, there are some important nuances. First, make sure that your phone’s specifications meet the requirements of the online casino application. The good news is that many operators release a very democratic product. Therefore, downloading is possible even on devices with Android 5.0. However, the game may not work on devices with earlier OS versions.

aviator game download for money

The second important point is to check the amount of free space in the smartphone’s memory. Make sure that its size is larger than the actual program size. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to install the APK file on the smartphone.

aviator game download for money

We do not recommend gamblers to transfer the casino application from the internal memory of the smartphone to external USB drives. The problem is that flash drives often fail. As a result, you will have to reinstall the program periodically. Also, do not forget about the slow response—applications from USB run not as fast as from the phone’s main memory. This can negatively affect the gaming process.

How to install on Android

If you have downloaded the casino app, you need to proceed with the installation. Android is an open operating system, so device owners can install software from third-party publishers. However, manufacturers have implemented additional security measures to prevent unauthorized player installations. Therefore, you need to first remove restrictions:

  1. Go to the smartphone’s settings section.
  2. Find the “Security” section.
  3. Move the slider to the active position next to “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

The methods for removing this setting may vary depending on the version of the operating system and the user interface. However, the general logic of the actions remains the same.

aviator game download

After this, you need to go to the downloads folder and find the downloaded APK file there. To install the program, the gambler needs to tap on the icon and confirm the installation. The phone will unpack the program itself and install all the necessary components. Once the process is complete, the client will be prompted to launch the software and start placing bets.

Important nuances for installing a program on Android

When installing software on the Android OS, players need to be aware of several key points. First and foremost, this concerns the placement of APK files. Your country may ban any online casinos, so you won’t find any software from these companies in the Google Play store. There may be applications with names similar to official brands, but in reality, these are just phishing software. Such products have no connection to casino apps.

aviator game download aviator game

Some sites do not support mobile applications. In such cases, you can only add a shortcut to the portal on your device’s home screen. To do this, you need to:

  1. Access the casino site through the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Tap the main internet navigator menu button.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”.
  4. Create and enter the icon name.
  5. Confirm the action.

As a result, a casino shortcut will appear on your device’s home screen. This provides quick access to the software, but does not serve as a complete replacement for the application.

aviator download

Some sites offer to download Aviator directly. We do not recommend trusting such platforms, as Spribe has not officially released the Aviator application.

After launching the casino application with Aviator, you need to log in to your personal account. You can only register a new account if you haven’t previously created one on the specified platform.

How to install on iOS

Installing Aviator on iOS using the scheme mentioned above is not possible. Apple devices are known for their heightened security and lack the customization options of Android devices. This means that downloading and installing third-party APKs is not allowed—customers can only access the App Store.

The installation of software depends on the rules of the casino. Usually, detailed instructions are provided by the brands on their website. General installation rules include:

  1. Changing the region in the active Apple account. Players need to set the country where the specified casino’s activities are permitted. It is also important that the operator’s application is available in the App Store version for the specific region.
  2. Searching for the casino app by name in the App Store search bar.
  3. Installing the software.

Manufacturers make programs freely available. This means that you don’t have to pay anything for downloading and installing the software.

application statistics for a phone

Sometimes, these actions may not yield the expected results, and the smartphone may display an error. In such cases, you’ll need to register a new Apple ID. In the country of residence, you should specify the country where the casino you’re interested in is permitted to operate.

Some operators have employed a small trick. They allow the installation of software through the TestFlight testing app. First, you download the specified software, and then you can find the desired online casino within the app.

Occasionally, manufacturers permit the installation of the app as a utility on the current browser. First, you need to visit the website of the gambling brand. After that, the portal will offer to install the software on the iPhone. All you have to do is click the consent button and wait for the process to complete. However, such a workaround does not replace a full-fledged application.

Nuances that Gamblers Need to Know

It should be understood that many online casinos rarely release applications for iOS. Some popular operators don’t even have such software. Therefore, players find it easier to create a shortcut on their smartphone:

  1. Go to the casino’s website using the Safari browser.
  2. Tap the “Share” button.
  3. Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.
  4. Enter the name of the shortcut.
  5. Confirm the action.

After this, the smartphone will create an icon for the casino’s website and add it to the main home screen. This allows for quick access, but it does not provide a complete replacement for the application’s functionality.

How to Play on PC

The ways to play Aviator on PC largely depend on the casino used by the gambler. For most platforms, you can only play through the official website or any available mirrors. You simply need to log into your account, ensure there is money in your account, and start the full version of Aviator.

aviator on phone

Some websites allow you to install an application over the existing browser. You can install such software in just a few mouse clicks. You need to visit the site and agree to install the program. Usually, the offer to install the software over the browser appears automatically.

Occasionally, the operator releases a full downloadable version of the application. Usually, this software is released for Windows, less often for Mac. To begin, you need to download the software to your computer. To do this, you should:

  1. Go to the casino’s website.
  2. Find the section with applications.
  3. Download for the required OS version.
  4. Go to downloads.
  5. Install the downloaded exe file.
  6. Log in to your personal account.
  7. Start the game.

When downloading, you need to consider the OS version for which the application is designed and the system’s bitness.

However, proprietary downloadable software is rare. In most cases, it is more convenient and comfortable to play through the official website.


Is it safe to download APK?

The safety of downloading APK files depends on the source. Safe downloading of APKs is guaranteed from our site and online casino sites. Otherwise, players may encounter problems and end up infecting their devices with a virus.

Is the game free?

Aviator can be downloaded for free. The game offers a demo version and a full version. In the latter case, you will need to pay real money.

How to play on a phone?

The process is the same as playing on a PC. You need to place a bet, wait for the plane to take off, and collect your winnings before the round ends. If the aircraft goes off the screen before that, you will lose your bet.

What are the phone requirements for running the game?

The phone requirements depend on the specific casino's conditions.

How to update the game?

The application updates automatically. There's no need to reinstall the program.

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