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Crash game Aviator has become an undisputed hit of the Spribe studio. It is appreciated for its unusual gameplay, good return to players, and many other positive aspects. To increase audience loyalty, developers allow testing the capabilities in the demonstration version. Let’s figure out the features of the test period and what differences exist from the original plane.

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Characteristics of the Aviator Demo Game

The demonstration version of the Aviator crash slot has a similar appearance to the main version. In the central field, you will see a radar with a stylized image of an airplane. After the start of the round, the glider takes off into the air and gradually gains altitude. The time the aircraft stays on the radar determines the final multiplier that the game will pay out.

aviator play demo

In the test period, customers are also shown a scale of recent rounds. With its help, you can view the statistics of the last flights and predict the chances of a multiplier being awarded.

Under the radar is a betting control block. The functional capabilities of this element allow you to:

  1. Place a bet on the upcoming round.
  2. Collect winnings.
  3. Set automation settings.

The functionality of the Demo plane replicates the features of the official full version. As a result, you can track the bet amount and the multiplier, upon reaching which the program will automatically issue a prize.

aviator demo win

Like the full version, the demonstration operates based on the Provably Fair algorithm. The application of this cryptographic technology eliminates the risk of result manipulation. The casino cannot influence the game’s outcome because the multiplier for each round is already predetermined. To calculate the result, 3 independent variables are used:

  • A special cryptographic number that grows with each bet placed.
  • A number generated on the user’s computer.
  • A number generated by the platform.

Before the end of the round, players can determine the hash of the last variable, and after that, set the value at which the Aviator completed the previous game.

aviator play for free

The manufacturers also did not change the technical indicators of the slot. The demonstration version of the crash game has a return rate of 97%. This means the slot pays out $97 for every hundred wagered. If luck is on your side, you can win much more. For example, the multipliers for the plane often increase to x90 and even higher.

Why Play the Aviator Demo Game

The test period of the slot serves multiple purposes. It can be used by both new “pilots” and those who have long used the slot for earning. The trial version allows:

  • Getting acquainted with the game.
  • Evaluating strategies.
  • Having fun and spending a good time.

The plane’s test flights help not only casino customers but also the sites themselves. Having a demo increases audience loyalty and demonstrates that the platform is ready to offer customers maximum functional capabilities.

aviator demo game

Getting acquainted with the game. Developers have released thousands of slots and crash games. They differ in plot, mechanics, return coefficient, and many other parameters. Therefore, gamblers often switch games, looking for optimal options for themselves. Without demo versions, such experiments would end in bank losses. The player has not yet mastered the interface and rules, but they are already being asked to pay money.

Trial versions eliminate additional expenses. You can launch the Aviator demo, evaluate the quality of the graphics and mechanics, and understand whether this is your game or if it’s better to look for other options. And you won’t have to pay a penny for all these opportunities. This is very convenient and profitable for players.

This factor is especially useful for casino newcomers. Experienced players already know which slots suit them best and actively seek similar options. Newcomers may get lost in the lobby, and without test game periods, it will be very difficult for them to find “their” machines.

aviator game play demo for free

Evaluating strategies. The main advantage of Aviator compared to regular slots is increased freedom of action. Here, you choose when to exit the round and can predict the final earnings size. An RTP of 97% means that in 3 flights, the round stops at x1.00. In other cases, the machine gives out prizes.

However, the plane can fly off the radar at x1.01 or, for example, x95. The final number cannot be guessed, so gamblers have come up with various betting strategies. They usually involve choosing the bet size and the coefficient at which it is necessary to withdraw money. Some methods work, while others lead the user to a loss.

Testing the quality of a strategy with your own money is expensive. By the time the client evaluates the tactics’ potential and decides to scale the game, they will lose more than one bankroll. Defeats and real financial losses will deter the desire to play Aviator. Therefore, the demo solves this problem.

The test period has the same RTP, works with algorithms identical to the main version, and has the same limits and betting capabilities. Therefore, the trial version is perfect for checking tactics and evaluating their potential. After getting the result, the gambler only has to top up the balance and launch the main version of the plane.

play demo for free and without registration aviator

Entertainment. The main factors that lead people to casinos are excitement and the desire to earn. However, some customers visit gaming sites just for regular entertainment. They do not want to spend real money and prefer to use trial periods. The demo version is a solution for users in this category.

How to Play the Aviator Demo Game

Access to the Aviator demo game largely depends on the casino’s policies. Some companies do not offer a trial version of the slot at all. On such sites, you can only play with real money.

In some companies, the Aviator demo game is available to all customers without exception. To start, you need to find the slot, hover over the game tile, and click the “Demo” button. The program will then credit a set amount of credits, and you can start placing bets. If you run out of these credits, you can always reload the slot and receive a new tranche.

aviator demo mode

In most cases, the trial version of the Aviator game will only be available after registering a profile. Casino sites offer a user-friendly interface, so creating an account here can be done in minutes:

  1. Visit the selected platform and click on the registration button.
  2. Choose the option to create an account (casinos usually offer several methods).
  3. Fill in your details and submit the application for consideration.

Upon approval of the request, you will access your personal account. You simply need to find Aviator, hover over the slot preview, and activate the trial version. There is no need to verify your identity to access the trial period.

Differences Between Demo and Real Money Play

In the test version of Aviator, bets are placed using FUN credits, and prizes are also awarded in this currency. This means the trial version does not require any real investment, but it also does not provide any rewards even in the case of successful outcomes. Players cannot receive real money, even if they hit the maximum multiplier.

aviator demo game

Another significant difference is the ability to interact with other gamblers. One of the factors contributing to the appeal of Aviator is its social aspect. The developers have incorporated a small chat feature where users can exchange information, express opinions, and share signals. However, the ability to post thoughts is only available to those betting with real money. Customers using the demo version of the slot do not have access to these functions.

Possibilities of Winning in Demo Mode

The theoretical return coefficient in the demo version of Aviator matches that of the main variant. Therefore, you have the same winning opportunities as other users. However, all winnings are credited in virtual FUN credits. It is not possible to convert these funds into real money or casino bonuses. To earn real winnings, you will need to wager real money and play the full version of the slot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aviator Demo Version

The Aviator test version has both its pros and cons. We attribute the following strengths to it:

  • The opportunity to evaluate betting tactics without spending any money.
  • A chance for newcomers to test the game.
  • Duplication of the technical characteristics of the base game.

The trial period also has its drawbacks. All winnings are awarded in virtual credits, so you won’t receive a penny of real money even if you hit the maximum multiplier.

aviator demo

The second issue is difficulties with access. Some casinos do not offer the Aviator test versions at all. Therefore, you need to pay attention to finding a platform. Without this, you won’t be able to play the demo.


What are the limitations in the Aviator demo game?

The main limitation has become the inability to receive real prizes. Also, companies often do not offer demo versions of the slot at all. Therefore, it is important to pay specific attention to finding a platform.

Is the demo version of the Aviator game identical to the full version?

Yes, the technical characteristics of the test period completely replicate the full version. You will have access to the same RTP, minimum and maximum coefficients, and slot settings. This is done for a quick transition from the trial version to the full variant.

Can I switch from demo mode to playing for real money?

Simply close the slot and launch it in the main version. It is necessary to have real funds in the casino account.

Where can I play the Aviator demo game?

You can play the Aviator demo in any language at various online casinos. We recommend using top companies like 1win. Such sites will provide you with the best possible gaming experience.

Is the Aviator demo game completely free?

Yes, the trial period is completely free of charge.

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