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The game Aviator is a popular online entertainment from the provider Spribe. The development has been successful in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The army of fans is constantly growing, with thousands of gamblers playing Aviator every minute around the world. Such attention to this simulation has not gone unnoticed among other gaming software manufacturers, resulting in a plethora of analogs.

These games differ in plot, some have additional features, but the essence remains the same – manufacturers use crash algorithms. Let’s get to know the most popular representatives in more detail.

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What are the analogs of the Aviator game

The Aviator game has become one of the most popular developments in the world. It is not surprising that many casinos quickly added a button to launch the simulation to the main navigation panel. Later, other entertainments from competing studios joined the little airplane. Now, the most in-demand list includes:

  • Lucky Jet;
  • Speed & Cash;
  • JetX.
Periodically, studios treat gamblers to new developments. However, the foundation of the mechanics remains unchanged.

Lucky Jet

Here we are going to participate in the adventures of Lucky Joe. The developers have equipped the character with a jetpack and offered to fly for his pleasure. At the start of the round, the main character rises into the air, and the system starts counting the multiplier. At any random moment, Joe flies off the screen, the game stops, and the interface displays the message “Flown away.” The final coefficient becomes conclusive. Players who did not manage to withdraw their money are forced to accept the loss.

lucky jet analog of aviator

Similar to the airplane, this machine operates on the secure Provably Fair algorithm. The coefficient generation for each round takes place on the game servers. The process is entirely transparent, and users’ computers are involved in determining the final outcomes. This eliminates the risk of casino or game developers’ influence on the slot. It is impossible to determine in advance what number the round will end with on the websites.

aviator analog crash game

Every player, without exception, can check the fairness of the session. To do this, they just need to click on the corresponding button and review the information provided.

lucky jet

Lucky Jet does not have any fundamental differences from Aviator. Here, you can also view the results of past rounds and communicate with other gamblers through an online chat. The developers have offered players two fields for placing bets, allowing the use of different strategies with insurance. If necessary, players can automate the process using the relevant settings. Here, you can set automatic betting or fund withdrawal when the multiplier reaches a certain value.

Speed & Cash

In this case, gamblers are offered something unusual and very interesting – they get 2 crash games in one. The central part of the screen is divided into a couple of equal blocks, each of which is highlighted in orange or blue. After the round starts, two competing cars appear on the monitor. The cars move along the highway, and the coefficient for each car grows in parallel. At random intervals, the police detain one of the racers, and a corresponding inscription appears on his part of the screen. The coefficient at which the detention occurred becomes final. If the gamblers did not manage to withdraw the money from the bet, they lose their investments.

game speed cash analog aviator
The second car successfully escapes the chase and continues to move. The round for this car stops when it goes off the screen. As a result, a corresponding record appears in front of the players, and the machine records the final coefficient.

crash game analog aviator
Players can bet on either of the cars or both at once. To place a bet, you need to enter the amount and click on the “Bet” button highlighted in the corresponding color. You can also participate in choosing the winner. For this purpose, a separate block is presented on the slot interface – it is located under the orange-colored car. Using the slider, you need to select the car that will be able to escape from the police. Then you need to enter the bet size and confirm the action. If successful, the game will pay out a coefficient of x1.90.


Another game that garners great interest is the slot crash game JetX from the provider Smartsoft Gaming. The round starts at the airfield. The jet takes off, gains altitude, and soars into space. The longer the aircraft stays in the sky, the higher the multiplier and the greater the gambler’s winnings. However, waiting indefinitely is not an option – the plane may explode at any moment. Players who fail to jump off the aircraft before the end of the round will lose their invested money.

jetx analog aviator

Here are the classic two betting fields for such games, along with a scale displaying the multipliers from previous rounds. The start begins at x1.0.

What are crash games

The word “crash” in English translates to “crash,” “breakdown,” or “crash.” However, none of these meanings explain the principle of operation of the simulators mentioned. The essence of these machines is that the program can stop the round at any moment. In Aviator, this is accompanied by the plane flying out beyond the radar, in other games there may be car arrests or jet explosions. After the stop, the final coefficient is recorded.

Principle of operation of crash games

All Crash games operate on the same principle. Players need to:

  1. Place a bet before the start of the game round.
  2. Wait for the game to start.
  3. Collect the money before the machine stops the session.

Typically, such developments feature high payout coefficients. For example, the Aviator has an RTP of 97%: this means that 97 rounds out of 100 end with a coefficient greater than x1.00.

aviator crash game

However, the final time is determined randomly. Therefore, it is not possible to predict in advance when the machine will stop the round. The game can stop at x1.01 or take the coefficient to x60 and even higher.

aviator end of round

Gamblers should also remember the concept of dispersion. An RTP of 97% is a figure formed from an infinite number of bets. However, at any given moment, the figures may be lower. For example, a crash simulation may end the session at x1.00 in 4-5 out of 100 games, but then provide more winning outcomes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crash Games Compared to Regular Slots

After the appearance of Crash games, some gamblers have abandoned traditional slots and quickly switched to these simulation options. However, each type of entertainment has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the main factors.


Developments like Aviator and similar ones are characterized by simplified gameplay. You need to place a bet, wait for an acceptable coefficient, and claim your winnings. The scores are immediately integrated with the casino balance. You won’t need to buy or sell coins. Additionally, players won’t need to:

  1. Understand additional mechanics like Risk-Game or purchasing a bonus round.
  2. Learn dozens of variations of different types of images.
  3. Analyze the most profitable game features.

Crash games are easy to learn and convenient, which is why gamblers of all skill levels choose them. These simulators are suitable for both new users and experienced players.

Adaptation to Different Tactics

In comparison to this criterion, Aviator and other types of crash simulators also take the lead. In classic slots, users can only influence the game through bet sizes or by initiating additional paid rounds: Buy Bonus. In the case of Crash developments, you not only choose the bet size, but also the coefficients at which you want to claim your winnings. This allows you to adapt the machines to strategies such as “doubling up” or anti-Martingale. These tactics can also be used in classic slots, but they are less effective there.

crash games and their analogues

Variety of Collection

Unquestionably, computer simulations of classic slot machines have won in terms of variety. Developers have created over ten thousand different machine variations. They differ in plot, number of reels, number of winning lines, and many other parameters. Fans of westerns, cyberpunk, and horror can find interesting solutions for themselves. New titles appear almost every week. Manufacturers often come up with various mechanics, so there will definitely be no boredom.

Aviator game analogues

With Crash machines, the situation is not so straightforward. There are no more than 10 top popular developments. Moreover, new releases do not come out for whole months. Customers have a very limited choice.

Potential Winnings

Even ordinary slots without a jackpot can pay out multipliers of x10000 and even higher. Players of Crash machines can only dream of such windfalls. Here, you can win good prizes, but coefficients above x100 are rare.

Aviator game for money and similar

There are no analogues to Aviator with a progressive super prize. Some games pay a fixed maximum win, but there are very few such developments. Therefore, in terms of potential profitability, classic slots noticeably outperform competitors.

Additional Features

Here, the leadership goes to Aviator and its counterparts. Developers have worked hard and included many additional functions:

  • Tracking statistics;
  • Additional bets for insurance;
  • Chat for player communication.

Classic slots lack these features.


How do casino crash games work?

These machines stop the round at a random moment. The player's task is to claim the winnings before the end of the gaming session. If he fails to do so, the money will go to the casino. It is not possible to predict the stopping time.

Are crash games better than regular slots?

No, each type of gambling entertainment has its own advantages and disadvantages. To avoid getting bored, you need to combine different options.

Where can you play crash games for money?

You can play Crash games for money at 1win and several other casinos.

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